Fall Meeting 2010 Race Proposals

The following are procedures for proposing a race for the upcoming 2011 ECCC Road schedule.


All teams proposing to host a race this spring must have a representative at both the upcoming Fall Meeting on Nov 20th, and the Winter Meeting to be held in early February. At the Fall Meeting those representatives must present a brief overview of their race and answer questions. Scheduled races must have a representative at the Winter Meeting to report on the status of their event.


Races selected for the 2011 Road schedule must submit a deposit of $200 toward the successful planning of their race. Checks are to be made out to "Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference." Planning deadlines and deposit penalties will be discussed in detail at the meeting.

Guides and Data

Several resources are available to help teams plan their event; these should be utilized throughout the planning process:

Race Proposal

Promoters must email Caitlin, Sully, and Joe by Wednesday, November 17, with the information below. If you do not receive a reply by November 18th, we have not received your email---probably due to issues w/ the attachments---and you should contact us again (i.e., without attachments or by phone). Those emails must include the following:

  • Name of proposed event
  • Promoting team(s)
  • Proposed location(s)
  • Possible event dates; please note if this event is to be considered for Easterns
  • Preferred event dates
  • Name and contact information (phone, email) of lead promoter
  • Name and contact information (phone, email) of co-promoter
  • Name and contact information (phone, email) of school administrator overseeing team (e.g., club sports director)
  • Attached race proposal presentation slides (see below)

Race Proposal Presentation

Representatives from each race must present the event to the conference at the Fall Meeting on Nov 20. Slides for the presentation must be submitted by Nov 17th along with your proposal email outlined above, and must be in PPT or PDF format. All presentations will be posted online shortly before or after the meeting.

Each presentation will be granted ten minutes with an additional few minutes for questions. Time will be strictly kept, use it well! Presentations must follow the basic template available at:


In summary, each presentation must have no more than five slides to be presented, including the title slide, and must include all of the information noted in the template:

  • Race title
  • Host clubs
  • Race locations(s)
  • Promoter contact (email)
  • Day 1 information
    • Course description & map (optional, highly recommended)
    • Previous history w/ course and venues, i.e. race held recently or courses used in past
    • Permitting status! You should already have had serious discussions with your venues and have solid tentative agreements to use the courses & a good handle on marshals, police, etc
    • Nearby food and lodging availability
  • Day 2 information
  • Safety measures
    • Emergency services that will be on site
    • Nearby emergency rooms and hospitals
    • Course control measures: Hard fencing, caravans, etc
    • Marshaling plan: How many course marshals will be needed, and where will you get them from? This is a significant issue, particularly for road courses! You must be credibly able to field the number of marshals required for your courses...
  • Summary
    • Briefly review key highlights
    • Quickly note additional features of planned event

An excellent draft presentation courtesy the Columbia team has also been made available online at:


The following are some additional guidelines to consider:

  • Please make sure your slides are readable! We will be in a large room; keep your background simple and colors well contrasted.
  • Keep in mind the time limits, they will be zealously enforced! In general, budget no more than two minutes per slide.
  • Practice your presentation beforehand. We're all friends and the setting fairly informal, but it is a large group and you want to have a great first impression of your race. In particular, practice to make sure you will cover your material within the time limit!
  • Make sure you and/or the people with you are prepared to answer any questions that may be posed about your event.

Remember that the presentations are not just a requirement toward having your event put on the calendar. They're also the first step in getting people excited about your race and getting everyone to come to town and participate when it finally comes around.


Many of you will have more information about your event than can reasonably fit into a ten minute presentation. Feel free to produce a handout to be distributed at the meeting with that information. Twenty copies should be sufficient to give out one per team. Please consider the environment by using space effectively and printing on both sides of the page. All handouts should be submitted electronically to Joe, Sully, and Caitlin before or after the meeting so that they may also be posted online along with the presentation slides.

Nota Bene

No proposals will be considered which have not met all of the above requirements! ECCC races are among the best in the nation, and all of this is just one small part of keeping them that way.

Please contact Joe if you have any questions or comments.

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