ECCC Fall Meeting 2008

Pre Meeting Materials

Raw Notes

Complete raw notes from the meeting are available here:

Team Building Workshop

Thanks to Rob Rowan (Columbia) and Emma Bast (Mt Holyoke, USAC Collegiate BoT) for conducting yet another excellent team building workshop! Notes on the discussion are included in the raw notes above.

Meeting Materials


Thanks to Steve Hopengarten (Union) for assisting with data collection for the meeting.

Rule Change Decisions

Original proposals are presented in more detail at the rules proposal listing.

  • Discipline Scoring. The ECCC rulebook will be clarified to note that all disciplines (road, MTB, track, CX, BMX) will use the same scoring scheme.
  • Overall Team Scoring. The ECCC scoring scheme will be revised to assign team points based on a single ranking, 20 points deep, from which D1, D2, and Ivy League results will be derived.
  • X/Y Scoring. The proposed scheme to base team and individual standings on a subset of season events was not accepted, by a vote of 22 to 6.
  • Aero Gear. The following decisions were reached regarded the use of aero equipment in team and individual time trials:
    • Riders in all races except Women's and Men's A team and individual time trials will be restricted to using solely mass start legal equipment, as defined by USA Cycling rules. This rule was adopted by a vote of 16 to 12.
    • Men's and Women's A time trial events will be restricted or not according to regulations established for the USAC Collegiate National Road Championships---if aero gear is permitted at nationals, riders will be permitted to use it in Category A races throughout the Eastern Conference season. On the contrary, if aero equipment is not permitted at Nationals, then neither will it be in ECCC Category A time trials. This resolution was overwhelmingly adopted by a vote of 26 to 1.
    • The Eastern Conference recommends to the USA Cycling Collegiate Board of Trustees that aero equipment be permitted for use in time trials held at the National Championship. This recommendation was accepted by a vote of 16 to 12.

Road Scheduling

The 2009 Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference Road Season schedule was established as:

  • March 7/8 - Rutgers Season Opener/Princeton Stadium Classics
    • ITT, Crit, Circuit Race
    • Piscataway & Princeton, NJ
  • March 14/15 - Columbia Grant's Tomb/Stevens Duck Country Criteriums
    • Crit, Circuit Race or Crit
    • New York, NY & Hoboken, NJ
  • March 21/22 - U. Delaware Blue Hen Dual-State Showdown
    • ITT, Road Race, Crit
    • Newark, DE
  • March 28/29 - Philly Phlyer (Drexel, UPenn, Temple, Villanova)
    • Crit, TTT, Circuit Race
    • Philly, PA & Marlton, NJ
  • April 4/5 - USMA 26th Annual Spring Classic
    • TTT, Circuit Race, HC ITT, Crit
    • West Point, NY
  • April 11/12 - Yale Lux et Velocitas
    • ITT, Circuit Race, Crit
    • New Haven, CT
  • April 18/19 - X-Pot 3D (Beanpot 2.0) (MIT)
    • TTT, Road Race, Crit
    • Harvard, MA
  • April 25/26 - Dartmouth L'Enfer du Nord
    • ITT, Road Race, TTT, Crit
    • Hanover, NH
  • May 2/3 - PSU Nittany Classic Easterns
    • Road Race, TTT, Crit
    • State College, PA

Meeting Agenda

ECCC Fall Meeting
Saturday, November 15, 2008
Hosted by Bard College

0900--1000  Team Building Workshop
  This year's workshop will focus on team management along with
  sponsorship and fundraising, three closely related topics.


1000--1100  ECCC Fall Planning Meeting Opener & Overview
  Conference status---riders, clubs, events, seasons, projects.

1100--1200  Directions
  Projects starting up, major changes, cyclocross season.

1200--1230  Break
  Grab lunch, bio break, get back to business.

1230--1315  Rules Changes
  Overview of suggestions, discussion, voting.

1315--1500  Race Proposals
  Ten minute presentations from each promoter and short Q&A.
    + Army Spring Classic (26th Annual!)
    + MIT X-Pot 3D (Beanpot 2.0)
    + Columbia Grants Tomb
    + U Delaware Blue Hen Dual-State Showdown
    + PSU Nittany Classic
    + Philly Phlyer (Drexel, Temple, Villanova, UPenn)
    + Rutgers/Princeton Campus Circuits
    + Yale Lux et Velocitas

1500--1600  Scheduling
  Determine the schedule for the season.

1600        Meeting Adjourns


To Follow!  Casual Ride
  Notorious Nick Bennette (Princeton) will be leading an easy spin
  from Bard immediately after the meeting.  Anyone is welcome as long
  as they're down with a casual pace.  Ride is expected to be about 15
  miles/1 hour.  The ride will be on roads but any bikes are welcome;
  Nick will be on his CX bike, and certainly others will be as well.
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