This is the homepage of the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC), one of the eleven regional conferences making up USA Cycling Collegiate. The ECCC spans from Delaware to Maine and includes a thousand student athletes from seventy schools competing in track, mountain bike, cyclocross, and road racing events throughout the year.

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ECCC Blogosphere

  • Policies Are For Progress
    Very recently, months after it was published to no doubt much impact, some friends finally noticed Ellen Samuels column article Cycles of Gender Testing, published by the NYU Press blog. It attempts to critique the new-ish transgender athlete policies in the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC). The crux of Samuels argument is that the policy & Continue reading Policies Are For Progress

  • Road 2014, Week 8: Easterns!
    After seven straight weekends of travel, bikes and listening to conference director Joe Kopena’s sweet yet cruel words of “Be smart, race fast” at each race’s start, it seems hard that the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference could put forth a memorable final weekend. Brown University, Providence College and Rhode Island School of Design united to & Continue reading Road 2014, Week 8: Easterns!

  • Ride your bike: maybe it can cure what ails us?
    As the entire Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference girds itself for the last epic weekend of road racing for the 2014 season, and looks to the start of the first full track racing season, there will be plenty of emotions abound— as there should be. Let’s set aside the nostalgia of those with college in the & Continue reading Ride your bike: maybe it can cure what ails us?

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Latest Site Updates

  • 2015/02/17: Road 2015 Calendar
    The 2015 Road Season Calendar has been updated and almost all race flyers and BikeReg pages are now up and available for registration.
  • 2014/01/20: Blogosphere Relaunch
    The ECCC Blogosphere is being relaunched and the ECCC News Network retired. Look forward to major conference announcements and individual authors to start making an appearance on the Blogosphere!
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